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Facing drug crime related charges is a very serious situation, even if law enforcement officials discovered only a small amount. Penalties for drug crimes are among the harshest in the country and can carry permanent consequences. You can even face prison time for simply possessing drug-related paraphernalia, such as scales or balances used for measuring marijuana.

Are you facing charges for any of the following types of crimes?

  • Drug possession
  • Drug use
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs
  • Manufacture of drugs
  • Sale of drugs
  • Transportation of drugs

All of these and more can potentially be considered felonies. However, hope isn't lost. With a skilled Mount Kisco criminal defense lawyer on your side, it may be possible to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Attorney Marcia Payton is dedicated to helping the accused face the criminal justice system.

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Possession Charges in New York

Drug possession charges in New York are based on degrees of severity. The type of drug and the amount of the drug involved are deciding factors in which degree of possession you can face. For example, 500 milligrams to 0.125 ounces of cocaine can result in 5th degree possession and can carry a penalty of two and half years in prison.

The most severe charge is 1st degree possession. This charge can involve a large amount (8 ounces or more) of cocaine, heroin, or other narcotics or 5,760 milligrams or more of methadone. 1st degree possession can be penalized with 20 years in prison.

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Attorney Marcia Payton has been practicing law for over 15 years and knows how to help. She is compassionate with clients and aggressive in the courtroom, always treating your best interest as her top priority. At The Law Offices of Marcia Payton, you will get the attention you deserve and can rest easy knowing that a lawyer who cares for your success is on your side.

Attorney Payton is a former prosecutor, which gives her a unique edge for defending clients. She is fully aware of how the opposition works and knows powerful strategies to help you. With hundreds of felony cases successfully handled, you can trust you are in good hands with Marcia Payton.

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