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Are you looking for a Mount Kisco criminal defense attorney who can represent you if you're facing weapon crime charges? The skilled lawyer and team at The Law Offices of Marcia Payton are prepared to provide you with quality representation during this difficult time. If you or someone you care about is being investigated, has been arrested, or has been charged with a weapons or firearm related offense, you should not waste any time before retaining legal services. The legal guidance and representation that attorney Marcia Payton can offer you may serve to achieve a more positive outcome. If you want a skilled and caring attorney handling your case, you have come to the right place.

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Types of Weapon Crimes

There are a number of different types of weapon related crimes, including:

  • Possession of unregistered firearms
  • Unlawful use of any type of firearm
  • Possession of a deadly weapon
  • Illegal firearm possession

If a weapon related offense is combined with another type of criminal charge, such as a violent crime, sex offense, theft crime, or murder, you may be facing more serious consequences. Whether you are facing a number of charges or one weapons charge, Westchester County criminal defense attorney Marcia Payton is here to help.

She fully understands just how serious weapon-related charges are, and she is dedicated to providing her clients with the dedicated representation they deserve. If you choose to retain her services, you can rest assured that she is highly knowledgeable and resourceful in the field of criminal defense and weapon charges.

Providing Defense For the Accused

It is best to call Attorney Marcia Payton right away. She will need to gather all of the necessary evidence and speak with you directly in order to build an effective plan of defense. The sooner you make an appointment to speak with her, the better.

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