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Being charged with fraud is serious and, if you are convicted, can lead to a criminal record that will follow you for life. Fraud charges can be complex cases and require a lot of evidence from both the defense and the prosecution. It can be difficult or impossible to navigate this on your own or with a court-appointed attorney because cases are often complex, time-consuming, and require a nuanced knowledge of the law.

Our Westchester County fraud defense lawyers care about you and will focus their energy and resources on your case, without passing you off to a less experienced assistant or paralegal. Our firm is dedicated to your case and will do everything we can to defend you.

Our attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of cases in their long career as defense attorneys, and before that, our founding attorney was a prosecutor with the New York City narcotics division. Our team has been on both sides of the bench, they know how the court system works, and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

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Examples of Fraud

No matter your case, we have the resources and the experience to defend your fraud charges during every step of the matter. We make sure that you have all your questions answered and that you feel confident and comfortable with the legal path we take, both in and outside the courtroom.

Some examples of fraud charges that you might be facing include:

  • Prescription drug fraud (under NY Penal Law § 178.10, 178.15, 178.20, 178.25 & 178.26)
  • Check fraud (under NY Penal Law § 190.05)
  • Embezzlement or other white collar crimes
  • Identity theft (under NY Penal Law § 190.78, 190.79 & 190.80)
  • Insurance fraud (under NY Penal Law § 176.10, 176.15, 176.20, 176.25 & 176.30)
  • Tax evasion (under NY Tax Law 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805 & 1806)

While the severity of your charge depends on your unique circumstances, it is important that you take any fraud charge seriously. If you are convicted, it is possible that you will serve time in jail and your record may follow you for years into the future, affecting your employment opportunities, reputation, and many other facets of your life.

Additionally, you may have to pay high fines along with paying back any money that was taken due to fraud. Our Westchester County fraud defense attorneys and legal team are on your side. We know that you are a good person who has made a mistake, and we will stand by your side until the very end of your matter.

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