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Creating a Parent Access Schedule in Westchester Child Custody Cases

Parents involved in Custody and Visitation cases in the New York Family Courts have many concerns related to their ability to see their children.

Those concerns include:

  • Losing Contact with their children.
  • Becoming Marginalized - becoming an “every-other-weekend parent.”
  • Losing their Voices - having their ability to make important decisions in their children’s lives reduced or eliminated.

Their concerns about losing their rights, causes undue stress on themselves and their children.

At Riebling & Payton, PLLC, with offices in Mount Kisco, NY and White Plains, NY, our Westchester child custody lawyers understand these concerns. We know parents want to protect and preserve their relationships with their children the best they can.

Creating an access or parenting time schedule is an important first step. However, in order to do this, it often requires parents to work together in order to make a plan that works for your family.

Determining a Schedule

Negotiating a parenting time schedule, giving you meaningful time with your children and accommodates your unique needs, is important. Depending on the circumstances, agreeing on a schedule that works for you, may relieve you of the burden of having a schedule imposed on your family by a Family Court judge.

Our child custody and visitation lawyers will identify the needs of family members and find mutually acceptable ways to resolve conflict in helping you create a parenting plan.

Important considerations include:

  • Maintaining meaningful contact between parents and children
  • Achieving a fair visitation schedule
  • Ensuring that parents continue to have input in their children’s lives
  • Accounting for children’s medical, mental health and educational needs
  • Helping parents make vital decisions for their children together

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