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Aggravated DWI, Child in Car

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Leandra’s Law is charged when it is alleged that a person committed the crime of DWI, DWAI Drugs, or DWAI Combined influence AND they are alleged to have done so while having a passenger in their vehicle who is 15 years old or less.

Even if it is a first offense, this charge is a felony. Sentences can vary depending on many different factors and may include any combination of the following: a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device; a mandatory minimum of 1 year license revocation; a fine between $1,000 and $10,000; a court mandated surcharge; a 5 year term of probation, and/or up to a 7 years in State Prison. If a child passenger was injured or killed because the driver was intoxicated or impaired by drugs, the driver may face 15-25 years in prison.

Like many District Attorneys’ Offices across New York State, the Westchester District Attorney’s Office have significant plea bargaining policies which affect how and when most Aggravated DWI charges might be reduced. Because of these policies, it is important to have counsel who is well versed in topics commonly litigated in DWI cases such as the traffic stop that resulted in the DWI charge, the proper or improper administration of field sobriety tests, chemical blood and breath tests, and more.

Experienced counsel who are trained in these matters are able to identify potential “problems” that may exist in a case. This knowledge is vital when negotiating with prosecutors who are reluctant to diverge from established reduction policies or, if necessary, effectively represent clients at trials.

New York State Leandra's Law

The consequences for drunk driving under Leandra's Law are among the strictest in the nation. Countless New Yorkers have been arrested under the law, and it is vitally important that you contact our experienced Westchester County DWI defense lawyers to ensure that you are protected against these consequences.

Penalties Under Leandra's Law

Under Leandra's Law, all drivers with any DWI conviction are required to install ignition interlock devices in any vehicle that they own or operate for at least six months. The devices are mandatory even for first-time offenders, and also even if no child was a passenger in the car. Drivers must pay for the equipment installation and maintenance themselves.

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