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Former New York Criminal Prosecutor Fighting For You

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Notice: If you are needing to sue for damages or a victim of a crime please reach out to a civil attorney or the police.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it is not unusual for you to feel an enormous amount of fear, anxiety, embarrassment, and uncertainty about the charges and your future. Criminal defense attorneys Stephen Riebling and Marcia Payton know how important it is to have a lawyer who will skillfully and effectively defend you, while at the same time listen to your concerns and answer your questions. While many lawyers brag about their experience and aggressiveness, it is an entirely different thing to have a proven track record of successful results for their clients.

At Riebling & Payton, we work with our clients to help them understand their case and build the best possible defense. Our clients can be certain that our criminal defense lawyers will put their vast experience to work for them. As a former prosecutor and top criminal trial lawyer, we have a complete grasp of the law and know how to help you pursue and obtain the results that you need.

Marcia Payton, for one, has the unmatched experience as former assistant district attorney in Manhattan (NYC) with the prestigious Office of Special Narcotics in New York. With her input, this means that our clients benefit from having a former prosecutor’s experience on the other side in the courtroom. This is a tremendous advantage for our clients that few other law firms can offer. It means that we will construct a defense to your case that specifically targets the accusations and methods that the prosecution utilizes. Your legal matter, your rights and your freedom are important to us and you can count on us to fight for you. We will work to protect your legal rights and interests at all times.

Defending Your Rights in Court

We understand the difficulties that you may be experiencing as a result of your criminal charges and the impact that it may have on your family. This is the reason why you can count on us for skilled and highly effective legal representation.

We offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice and learn how we will build a strong defense specific to the facts of your case.