Are You Hiring the Right Westchester Family Law Firm? 3 Things to Look For

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Whether you're looking to divorce, file or defend a petition for child custody, establish an order for child support, or pursue a protective order, you will need assistance from a family law attorney. Not just any law firm or general practitioner will do; thorough vetting is important and it will help you choose a law firm suited to your unique needs as a client.

Here are some top qualities to keep an eye out for as you vet prospective Westchester County family law firms:

  1. Prompt Knowledgeable Responses

While most information will flow during face-to-face consultations, in these changing times, your attorney should also be available to answer questions via email, video conference or over the phone. Despite your attorney being busy, you should expect to receive answers within at least a day or two. If prospective attorneys take too long to respond to initial queries, they probably will also be unresponsive as you proceed with your case. Additionally, the responses that you receive should convey a level of experience and understanding of the law and the process involved with your case.

  1. Informs You of All Options

A trustworthy attorney understands that “going to court” and litigating every point may not be your preferred approach to divorce, child custody, child support, or other family matters. Ideally, your attorney will inform you of all options. Often many issues can be discussed and resolved out of court. In fact, the vast majority of family law cases are settled without the need for a hearing or trial.

  1. Takes the Time to Listen

While this may seem obvious, divorce and family law matters are often very emotional and require a level of understanding. Over the years, I’ve met with clients that complain that their prior attorney did not listen to their concerns or “hear them out” on a specific issue or event. An experienced divorce and family lawyer should take the time to listen to your questions, concerns and issues. Communication between the client and the lawyer is necessary to achieving success.

Highly trusted in Westchester County, New York City and beyond, Riebling & Payton, PLLC provides the type of compassionate and legal support you deserve in your divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law matters. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our philosophy and legal approach.

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