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Having a criminal conviction can significantly impact a person’s life. So, it is important to know that you can have that criminal conviction sealed in New York. In fact, anyone with no more than two misdemeanor convictions or one felony and one misdemeanor conviction may be eligible to have those convictions sealed. The sealing process requires the filing of a specific application with the court and that application must be reviewed and approved by a judge. Therefore, it is important that you have an experienced criminal defense team to help you through the process. The Westchester County, New York defense lawyers of Riebling & Payton, PLLC have the experience and a high level of success in getting criminal convictions sealed for their clients.

Who Can Get Their Criminal Conviction Sealed?

There are two primary considerations before someone can seek to have their criminal case sealed -

  • You have been crime-free for at least 10 years since your conviction and/or release, and
  • You have 2 convictions or less on your criminal record. This means no more than two misdemeanor convictions OR one felony and one misdemeanor conviction.

The ten-year period starts from the date of conviction or release from prison, whichever is later.

Up to two convictions, only one of which may be a felony can be sealed by the court. However, even if you have more than 2 convictions, you may still be eligible if your convictions are related to the same one or two incidents. For example, if you were charged and convicted of multiple crimes during one incident, the court may decide to treat the multiple convictions as one conviction.

Have a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You

The sealing of criminal records does not happen automatically. There are a number of documents that your lawyer can help obtain and prepare. The process may require applications to more than one court, especially if you have convictions in different courts that need to be sealed. Navigating the process is not simple and our criminal defense lawyers will make sure that things are done quickly and properly to make sure that your application is considered and your rights protected. Contact us for a free consultation to find out what we will do to help. In fact, once your application is granted, you want to make sure that the sealing order is on record and verified with the State Agencies.

The Westchester County criminal defense attorneys at Riebling & Payton, PLLC have been helping people seal their criminal records for years. We will pursue all available options in order to help you seal your criminal file.

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a crime and needs help sealing their criminal record or conviction, contact Riebling & Payton, PLLC for a free consultation (914) 712-6878.

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