DWI Defense Lawyers in Cortlandt, NY

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DWI Defense Lawyers in Cortlandt, NY

Have you or anyone you know been charged with a DWI, DWAI, DWAI Drugs, DUI, or any related charges in the Cortlandt Town Court?

Defense Attorneys Stephen Riebling and Marcia Payton are DWI lawyers who regularly appear in the Cortlandt Town Court on behalf of clients. As DWI defense lawyers, Riebling & Payton, PLLC has decades of experience in the area of DWI Law. Marcia is a former prosecutor and Stephen has a long career protecting the rights of drivers in the Cortlandt Town Court.

The attorneys at Riebling & Payton, PLLC are nationally recognized for their work and top results including Super Lawyers, AVVO, and Google Reviews. Additionally, they are national best sellers in the area of criminal defense and featured in publications such as Bloomberg Business, Forbes and 914INC.

They have decades of experience representing clients from all areas and professions, including other lawyers, doctors, teachers, professional driver’s (CDL, TLC, UBER, LYFT, etc.) and individuals with financial licenses just to name a few.

Charged with DWI in the Town of Cortlandt?

If you have been charged in the Town of Cortlandt with DWI there are some questions or issues that might need to be addressed immediately. Did the police treat you fairly or take advantage of you? Do you wonder why you were arrested at all? Do you feel the Field Sobriety Tests were designed for you to fail? Were you properly advised of your rights or were you not given a chance to contact a lawyer?

If you have these questions or any others about your arrest, call us today. We will answer all of your questions, explain the process, give you options, and most importantly, we will put your mind at ease.

At Riebling & Payton, PLLC, we can assure you that we will work to provide you the best possible defense for your Cortlandt DWI. We understand and have extensive experience navigating all aspects of defending a Westchester County DWI case, including:

  • The Enhanced DWI Program in Westchester County;
  • DWAI and DWI, BAC levels and how to challenge those findings;
  • Leandra’s Law - a DWI with children in the car;
  • Aggravated DWI Charges;
  • DWAI - Driving While Ability Impaired by any drug other than alcohol;
  • Refusing to Take a Chemical Test and the DMV administrative Refusal Hearing;
  • Consequences of multiple DWI arrests - Violations, Misdemeanor and Felonies;
  • Zero Tolerance Laws in New York State;
  • The procedures for Conditional and Restricted Driver’s Licenses;
  • Immigration Issues; and
  • Professional Licensing issues (Teaching, Law/Medical, FINA, CDL, TLC, etc.)

The Town of Cortlandt Justice Court

Having an office a few short miles from the Town of Cortlandt Court in Mount Kisco, NY allows our DWI lawyers to provide immediate and convenient assistance to our clients in Cortlandt. The Court is located at One Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10566 and is right next door to the Cortlandt Police Department.

Our experiences in Cortlandt provides us important insight into the Cortlandt Court’s process and procedure. In fact, we have successfully represented clients before both Cortlandt Town Justices.

DWI charges are serious, and having a top DWI defense attorney is important. The Westchester District Attorney has unlimited resources to prove that you are guilty. You will need assistance to fight for you and work hard to get the best result possible.

Free Initial Consultations for Everyone Charged with DWI in Cortlandt

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We are proud of our history of results and commit to compassionately defend you and your rights. We will provide answers and present options that will allow you to make the best decisions for your case.