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New Rochelle Criminal Defense Lawyers

Stephen Riebling and Marcia Payton are Criminal Defense Lawyers who have been helping defend the rights of people in New Rochelle, NY for a combined 5 decades. Their experience and dedication are exactly what you or your loved one needs on their side when facing criminal charges. Marcia Payton is a former New York City prosecutor who served for years in the New York County District Attorney’s Office working in the Office of Special Narcotics. Stephen Riebling has been defending people charged in New Rochelle, New York since 1997. He was selected as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers and recognized each year as a Super Lawyer. He has an unmatched record of success at trial, winning jury verdicts on behalf of defense clients for decades.

At Riebling & Payton, PLLC, our attorneys have personally handled thousands of criminal cases, and have successfully reduced felony charges to misdemeanors, or had them dismissed entirely. On behalf of our clients, we have won not guilty jury verdicts for a variety of criminal charges, which would have resulted in serious sentences, including decades in state prison. Notably, our criminal defense attorneys have defended countless cases in the New Rochelle City Court and the surrounding Westchester County courts.

New Rochelle Criminal Defense Cases

New Rochelle is located at the southeastern point of continental New York State. It lies on the Long Island Sound, bordered on the west by Pelham, Pelham Manor and Eastchester, by Scarsdale to the north and east, and Mamaroneck and Larchmont to the east.

The New Rochelle City Court is located at 475 North Street, New Rochelle, New York 10801 and is in the same building as the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester District Attorney’s Office branch office.

If you have been contacted by the New Rochelle Police, or if you have been arrested in the City of New Rochelle, contact our criminal attorneys and let us help you to resolve your matter.

Criminal cases are among the least understood and most serious legal matters a person can face. Sometimes allegations alone can damage a person’s life. A person may lose eligibility to receive federal student loans, their ability to stay in the United States and even their freedom.

As New Rochelle Criminal Defense Lawyers, we are uniquely prepared to address these and other issues related to the criminal process.

We provide representation in a wide variety of criminal cases, including:

If you would like additional information or would like to schedule a Free Consultation with our experienced defense team at Riebling & Payton, PLLC for any criminal misdemeanor or felony case, DWI arrest or traffic ticket, please contact us today to discuss your legal rights and how we can protect you. Call Us at (914) 712-6878.